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A lot of trust is required when booking your hunt of a lifetime. Take the word from many other successful hunters on why you will not be disappointed at Sumanik's Sanctuary.

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     “Me and my husband have always seen new improvements every year we visit Sumanik's Sanctuary. It's always nice watching the willows, creek, and wild life from the window in the cabin. Don's wife Loretta manages a lot of the day to day activities and definitely does not let any hunting team go hungry! The meals were better than most restaurants in the middle of the bush! Everyone would leave camp and go to bed full and happy! There was no weight loss in camp - everyone always gains weight before they go home!”

Vi S - Canada


     “In the spring of 2019, we were a group of 4 people who visited Sumanik´s Sanctuary for a 12-day black bear hunt. We saw a total of 69 bears and we filled our tags. Don and his wife Loretta are amazing people and have a great camp! We had a fantastic stay where the accommodation and the food along with long hunting days were super. We can really recommend them!”

Rasmus, Tommy, Carl, and Linus - Sweden

     “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a spring bear hunt, a winter predator hunt, or a winter trapline adventure?  I can share first hand that the experience of a lifetime awaits you with Bear Hunts BC! Owner/Outfitter Don Sumanik has spent a lifetime in the Northern Yukon Territory and Central British Columbia hunting, guiding, and trapping. This will be absolutely evident to you from the moment you meet Don.


     In mid-January of 2020, I spent a week enjoying a winter predator hunt and trapline adventure with Don. During that week I also met Don's wife Loretta as she joined us at the cabin for a few days. It was an absolute pleasure. Don and Loretta are evidence that good people really do exist. They treat you in a special way. My experiences with them in and around the camp are as memorable to me as my hunt and trapline experiences.


     Don's log cabin sits above a creek that winds through his property. Don has made several improvements to his camp including solar panel power and a bath house. The cabin has many modern conveniences. Even so, it remains rustic to provide the true remote feeling that one would expect. The log stove kept us toasty when the temps were 30 below outside. From the hunting and trapping to the conversation and meals, the trip was amazing. I am planning another trip with Don this year and hope to make several more in the years to come.”

Stephen C - USA

     "Don, Loretta and the team are absolutely outstanding individuals that will go well above and beyond to ensure that you have a successful and unforgettable hunt. Spending the time at base camp was relaxing and rejuvenating, with many activities around the grounds that make you forget you ever needed internet or cell phones. The site is very well kept, there is great opportunities for hiking, sightseeing, and hearing great stores around the camp fire (Don has some amazing stories). Every meal we would come home to something outstanding and hot to eat, what a way to end a day of hunting. As for the hunting, I never imagined that we would see as many bears as we did. I almost felt like we were swimming in bears. Different sizes, colors, behaviors, it was an amazing hunt and an amazing time enjoying the bears out in the wild. We ended up harvesting three bears between the two of us hunting, but there were so many we had the opportunity to be choosy with which we wanted. We ended up going home with an amazing boar that we took on the last few days of the trip that is now a skull mount and carpet in my house. On top of that, Don prepared everything for transportation and even hooked us up with an award winning fur tanner that helped me get the trophy that sits in my piano room. I cannot say enough good things about Don and Loretta as people or about the experience as a whole. This trip was unforgettable and I will be booking again with Sumanik's Sanctuary in the future."

Brad B - Canada

     “In May 2019, my big dream came true. Bear hunting Canada was a fact. We were three friends who came in contact with Don. There was a warm welcome at the airport and the conversation went smoothly right away. Out into the wilderness it carried. To a paradise for hunting people. Here we were served all meals through our nine day stay. Outstanding guides who wanted only the best for the hunter. On our very national day (May 17), it was my turn to shoot. A large beautiful male bear. Now the bears hang the skin on the wall at home and I look at it every day to remember the great day we had with Don and his gang. A completely indescribable trip that I will never forget. Trym Busengdal”

Trym Busengdal - Norway


     “Our guide was expert knowledgeable about the vast, vast area that Sumanik’s Sanctuary covers. We hunted to two weeks straight and still only scratched the surface of all the potential area we could hunt in. And hunt hard we did! Our guide was tireless when it came to putting us onto an animal, pointing out interesting things as we drove to various sites, and very easy to get along with the whole time. Yet, when a break was desired, there was no problem in taking some time off the hunt to relax and enjoy. In other words, they’re very conscious that this is your experience and accommodate you to that end.”

Evan D - Canada

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