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Our guides strive for 100% shot opportunity, and in an area so primed for big bear such as this, you will often have multiple opportunities to make that perfect shot, even within the same day. We use a no-bait approach to our hunts to help keep our natural bear population not only healthy, but also well behaved. Rustic lodge living includes home-cooked meals, warm showers, beautiful views, and memories that you will carry for a lifetime. There are big bear in these woods, and one of them has your name on it.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a spring bear hunt, a winter predator hunt, or a prime moose rut hunt? The

experience of a lifetime awaits you with outfitter Don Sumanik in Central

British Columbia. Don has spent his life in the northern Yukon territory and

in central British Columbia hunting, guiding, and trapping.

British Columbia offers the highest density of black bears in North America  - Don’s territory is no exception. Hunters will leave from Sumanik’s Sanctuary's main camp each day focusing on clear cuts and logging roads. Due to the high density of black bears, a hunter may see as many as 10 – 15 bears each day as they feed on spring grasses and vegetation. Hunts are spot and stalk fair chase, providing opportunities for hunters to harvest personal trophies with some reaching record book status. Spring bears make beautiful rugs and mounts as they still have their winter coats. Color phase bears are abundant as well in every coffee flavor - cinnamon, chocolate, vanilla, and of course black.

Lynx are quite prevalent in British Columbia. The key to a strong lynx population is a strong snowshoe hare population. Don has both. With high numbers of lynx in his territory, your predator hunt will focus primarily on lynx. Hunters will leave camp each day setting up near tracks and sign along logging roads, creek bottoms, and old growth timber transition areas. Electronic calls will be used to attract and draw lynx into range. It is not unusual to harvest a lynx at 50 yards… often they are much closer.

Lynx fur is exceptionally thick during the extreme winters of British Columbia. Lynx make a beautiful trophy whether a full mount or a rug.

In addition to hunting lynx, hunters have the opportunity to hunt over bait for coyotes and an occasional wolf. You’ll watch as they approach the bait station and you’ll be able to take pictures right from the cabin window. When ready, you’ll step outside onto the cabin’s covered deck for an opportunity to harvest one at 200 yards.

Between predator hunts, you will join Don on his trapline. You’ll leave the cabin on snowmobiles and follow Don as he checks each trap for furbearing animals including marten, fisher, ermine, lynx, wolverine, wolves, and coyotes. Experience the beauty of the British Columbia wilderness. Feel the excitement while snowmobiling along the trail in anticipation of each furbearing animal harvested. You’ll want to be sure to have a camera along too because the winter scenery is breathtaking.

As you can probably imagine with approximately 1,000 square miles of territory at his fingertips, Don is quite busy much of the year out in the Canadian bush hunting, guiding, trapping, and preparing for upcoming seasons. Please contact him here and he will get back to you ASAP.

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