Bear Hunts BC c/o Sumanik’s Sanctuary

Whether it’s your first or hundred and first hunt, every hunt by Sumanik’s Sanctuary is a memorable experience that you’ll be telling your friends and family about for years to come. Located in Canada’s most natural playground in northern British Columbia, everything you can see for 1,000+ square miles is exclusively yours for the hunting. Located amid placid lakes, towering trees and majestic mountainous terrain, it’s hard to believe that this not just a nature retreat. There are big bear in these woods, and one of them has your name on it.

Bear Camp

View Every Morning

The rustic hunting lodge hides an interior with warm meals, plumbed water, and hot showers. All back dropped by one of the most beautiful natural views to  wake up to. The knowledgeable guides are well prepared and supply everything you’ll need for an amazing hunting experience. Of course they’ll even lead you to the bears… but then it’s up to you.

Our guides strive for 100% shot opportunity, and in area so primed for big bear such as this, you will often have multiple opportunities to make that perfect shot, even within the same day. We use a no-bait approach to our hunts to help keep our natural bear population not only healthy, but also well behaved. This is guaranteed to be the hunt of a lifetime, so come and make your story with Bear Hunts BC at Sumanik’s Sanctuary.

1000 Square Miles, Exclusively Yours

Numbers get thrown around all the time, often in quantities designed to look big, like a million millimeters, or units of measures so obscure that only a math major or historian would know what you’re talking about. How big is a cubit anyways? Well call us old school, but at Bear Hunts BC we measure Sumanik’s Sanctuary in miles. And be sure that if you come hunt with us, over 1,000 square miles are exclusively yours. Can you just imagine what kind of monster bears and moose can hide in a section that large? Well we can, because we’ve seen ‘em, and they’re still there waiting for you.

Take a look at our area outlined in red. This is your next play ground:

Sumanik's Sanctuary Boundary

1,000 square miles, exclusively yours.