Moose Too!

Though our specialty may be bear, moose is our next best passion and often the two hunts go hand in hand. With so much wildlife in the area, it’s common to see moose and bear in the same day, and even at times in the same area! Our moose are healthy, big bodied and can get some massive racks. The moose are accessible and can even be seen wandering by camp. If you’re looking for a thrilling experience and getting up close to the largest mammal in North America, this opportunity should not be passed up.

Monster Bull Moose 70 Inches
Live Moose

A sampling of the live moose in the Bear Hunts BC guiding area.
Monster Bull Moose 76 Inches
Hunted Moose

Successful moose hunts from years gone by in the Bear Hunts BC guiding area.

Moose Hunting Experience
Moose Hunting Experience

A gallery of hunts from outside of Bear Hunts BC’s range.